Group 372

Giuseppe Mascolo

Giuseppe is Director of Community Management at UCO Network, a blockchain powered waste renewal company

Sy Zygy

Sy Zygy is Head of Products at KlimaDAO, which has facilitated over $4B worth of tokenized carbon credit transactions

Lucas Saint Laurent

Lucas is Co-Founder and CEO of ExoWorlds as well as partner at VeChainstats.

Americo Cacciapuoti

Americo Cacciapuoti, also known as Vetliever, is the CEO of World of V, an NFT Marketplace on VeChain

Mike Leonetti

Michael Leonetti, aka “Cigtoshi Nakamoto” is a team member at Mad V Apes VeChain NFTs

Vinay Shandal

Vinay Shandal is the North American Leader of BCG’s Climate and Sustainability Practice and part of BCG’s global leadership team

Sir Andre Geim FRS

Sir Andre Geim is an Professor at The University of Manchester and awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for his ground-breaking work on graphene.

Sir Konstantin Novoselov FRS

Sir Konstantin Novoselov is a foreign associate of the National Academy of Sciences, USA and received the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for his ground-breaking work on graphene.

Professor Qi GE

Professor Qi GE is Deputy Director for the Centre for Advanced 2D Materials of the National University of Singapore

Renato Grottola

Mr. Grottola is a Member of the Steering Committee for the VeChain Foundation.

Luca Crisciotti

Passionate about Digital Technologies potential to create unprecedented opportunities to encourage, enable and empower more sustainable behaviours.

Daniel Liebau

Dan teaches Digital Assets and Decentralized Finance courses and has published articles on Security Tokens, ICOs and cryptocurrency issuer disclosures.

Peter Zhou

Dr. Peter Zhou has been the Chief Scientist of VeChain since 2017, where he leads the blockchain R&D team.

Sunny Lu

Sunny is one of the pioneers to start exploring blockchain business applications, launching the VeChain project in 2015.

Antonio Senatore

Antonio is the CTO of the VeChain Foundation and has a deep technical expertise around Blockchain, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud and Innovation.