The HiVe PoPs

Dear Attendees, Speakers and staff, thank you for being a part of The HiVe!

We’re excited to finally unveil the first official Proof of Participation ”PoP” NFT collection on vechain, exclusively curated and minted by the VeSea team.

 Physical attendees will receive a limited edition HiVe PoP as a gift in the wallet provided ahead of the event.
The first 100 virtual attendees who registered are also entitled to receive a HiVe PoP on VeSea.

PoP NFT Benefits:

  • Automatic reduction of VeSea’s 2.5% trading fee
  • Can be staked for $VSEA
  • Quests that reward $VSEA upon completion
  • Can be recycled for a NFT from another collection
  • Can be re-rolled (burned) for a different 2023 HiVe NFT


View your exclusive PoP by signing in to VeSea via the VeWorld wallet and share on social media using the hashtag #TheHiVeSummit