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Sir Konstantin Novoselov FRS

2010 Nobel Prize in Physics

Prof Sir Konstantin ‘Kostya’ Novoselov FRS is best known for isolating graphene at The University of Manchester in 2004, and is an expert in condensed matter physics, mesoscopic physics and nanotechnology. Every year since 2014 Kostya Novoselov is included in the list of the most highly cited researchers in the world. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010 for his achievements with graphene. Kostya is a director of the Institute of Functional Intelligent Materials and holds a position of a Tan Chin Tuan Centennial Professor at the National University of Singapore. He is also part time Langworthy Professor of Physics and the Royal Society Research Professor at The University of Manchester. 

Professor Novoselov has published more than 400 peer-reviewed research papers. 

He was awarded with numerous prizes, including Nicholas Kurti Prize (2007), International Union of Pure and Applied Science Prize (2008), MIT Technology Review young innovator (2008), Europhysics Prize (2008), Bragg Lecture Prize from the Union of Crystallography (2011), the Kohn Award Lecture (2012), Leverhulme Medal from the Royal Society (2013), Onsager medal (2014), Carbon medal (2016), Dalton medal (2016), Otto Warburg Prize (2019), John von Neumann Professor from the John von Neumann Computer Society (2022) among many others. He was knighted in the 2012 New Year Honours.